Estate Planning

Having the proper estate plan can help prevent many issues for individuals and family members.

Why have a Living Trust?

There are 5 reasons to choose a Living Trust Plan as the cornerstone of an Estate Plan.

  1. Protect your assets during your lifetime.
  2. Avoid probate court proceedings.
  3. Save income tax advantages.
  4. Eliminate (or minimize) estate taxes.
  5. Distribute your assets the way you really intended them to be distributed.

Improper planning can cause:

  • Some of your assets to be lost to pay estate taxes, income taxes, court fees, attorney fees, and other needless administration costs.
  • Your assets being distributed to unintended heirs.
  • Your assets being distributed at too early of an age for young relatives.
  • Your assets contributing to a descendant’s bad habits rather than helping that descendant with education and overcoming bad habits.

Questions or to Begin Planning

Contact our estate planning attorney, David Ray Carver, for a consultation on all your estate planning needs.