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At Carver, Russell, & West, LLC, we have experienced and highly qualified attorneys who understand the challenges of family law and the unique challenges each individual has in their own case.

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As effective Utah divorce attorneys who have over 50 years combined experience in Utah Family Law, we understand the hurt, heartbreak, and struggles of going through a divorce.

We represent clients in Salt Lake City, West Jordan, Farmington, Provo, Tooele, Ogden, Park City, and surrounding areas.

Our firm has handled thousands of divorce cases, both contested and uncontested, and all other types of Utah family law cases.


As highly qualified Utah divorce lawyers we can guide you through the often complicated and challenging aspects of divorce. Being effective Utah divorce attorneys we not only understand the emotions of divorce, but also understand the law and have real world experience to help guide you through your divorce in a healthy, constructive, and financially responsible manner.

We are not only divorce attorneys in Utah that represent divorce cases, but also paternity cases, custody issues, child support, parent-time (visitation), relocation issues, modifications, juvenile court, adoption, guardianship, and other aspects of Utah Family Law.

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